The jury of Noto Fior di Foto 2018 is composed of the organizers of the contest. They are shortly presented below in alphabetical order.


Noto fior di Foto - Jury - Daniele Tibullo

Giovanni Cicciarella was born in Siracusa in 1970. After receiving his technical high-school diploma with the specialisation in computer graphics, he carried out several jobs with different technical tasks. Since year 2000 he has been working entirely with videography, and in particular with video wedding.
Giovanni has gained experience in video shooting, editing techniques, landscape, monochrome, street photography.
Since 2016 he is part of the Magnetic Film film association, which produces short-movies, with the task of video operator, video editor and computer graphics engineer. He is also part of the artistic direction of the film festival N. I. F. F.. Noto International Film Festival established in 2017.
John lives and works in Noto (Siracusa)


Noto fior di Foto - Jury - Margrieta Jeltema

Margrieta Jeltema was born under Northern skies, in the Netherlands. She has lived and worked in the Netherlands, Italy, Algeria, the Caribbean, Chile, Portugal and Romania.
During her biology studies with a major in philosophy at Wageningen (the Netherlands), Margrieta started with a variety of studies in bronze casting, painting, etching and ceramics. Her work embraces poetry, sculpture, but her main creative outlet is photography.
During the last few years Margrieta has received a number of awards, nominations and publications.
Currently she lives and works in Italy.

Marco Ristuccia // PHOTOGRAPHER

Noto fior di Foto - Jury - Marco Ristuccia

Marco Ristuccia is an Italian photographer born in Siracusa (Sicily) in 1971. After receiving a Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering Marco has moved to Milan and attended the Master class in professional photography at the Italian Institute of Photography (IIF).
The technical background provides him with a particular inclination towards deep conceptual analysis and strong formal balance, to which he often adds an ironic and grotesque drift.
His works are mainly focused on reportage, documentary and conceptual photography and are frequently exhibited in Germany and Italy.
Marco lives and works in Berlin.

Daniele Tibullo // PHOTOGRAPHER

Noto fior di Foto - Jury - Daniele Tibullo

Daniele Tibullo is an Italian photographer born in Siracusa (Sicily) in 1977. He graduated in 2003 in Biological Sciences for his love for nature. Hence the passion for nature photography. The documentary approach pushed him to explore reportage photography. With the desire to tell the stories about Sicilian people in their daily lives, Daniele’s works focus on documentary and street photography. He also collaborates with “Parole in Foto” photographers studio.
Daniele lives in Avola (SR, Sicily) and works in Catania (Sicily).


Noto fior di Foto - Jury - Emanuele Vitale

Emanuele Vitale is a photographer born in Siracusa (Sicily), where he lived since 1966, but he also lived for a long time elsewhere. Photographer on both land and deep sea, he is also owner of a diving center. In 2011 he became Italian photo-sub champion in the compact-camera category. And it is precisely by means of this type of cameras, ideal for photo-reportage in terms of small size and affordable costs, that he was able to obtain unthinkable results. He strongly believes that image quality comes not only from the equipment itself, which have to be mastered anyway, but mostly from the eye and the heart of the photographer. Convincing other people about this became one of Emanuele’s missions.  After all, as he says,”when words are not enough, then let photos talk! Maybe that’s why his motto is “click an emotion”.
During his photography career Emanuele received a number of awards and nominations.