Noto Fior di Foto - Logo

Noto Fior di Foto is an annual international photo contest organised by the cultural associations PhôsGraphé and MagneticFilm. The competition is free of charge and open to all amateur and professional photographers, without age or nationality limits. A jury of experts will examine and select the best photos and appoint the winners.

Every year an exhibition is organised showcasing the photos of the winners in the beautiful city of Noto, home of the most beautiful Sicilian Baroque, during the characteristic and well known Festival of Infiorata.

Moreover, a special international guest photographer presents a selection of his/her works in a parallel solo exhibition.

The first edition of Noto Fior di Foto, held in 2017, saw numerous participations from all over the world. This year at the second edition we raise the bar a bit. In addition to individual images, we introduce the possibility of presenting a photo series which develops a story connected to this year’s theme.

For further information about the 2018 edition please refer to our Rules page.

Winners 2018



1° classified (winner): Irina Gaivoronskaya (Russia)

2° classified (honorable mention):
Kate (Russia)

3° classified (honorable mention):
 Alexey Trofimov (Russia)


1° classified (winner): Massimiliano Monnecchi (Italy)

2° classified (honorable mention): 
Sky Kim (Georgia)

3° classified (honorable mention):
Giovanni Coste (Italy) and Aleksandr Ivanov (Russia) – classified on equal merit


1° classified (winner): G. B. G. Son (Bangladesh)

2° classified (honorable mention):
Tatsiana Tsyhanova (Belarus)

3° classified (honorable mention):
Gregory Herpe (France)


1° classified (winner): Beatriz Glez Sa (Spain)


2° classified (honorable mention):
Robin Yong (Australia)


3° classified (honorable mention):
Yana Vasilyeva (Russia)